A new dabbing experience

Toss out those messy syringes! The Dablicator™ 2.0 is a direct dabbing apparatus that can be filled with extracts like CO2 Wax. Perfect for on-the-go use! Simply twist and apply the desired amount of medicine directly from the metal onto your favorite glass piece or...

New Packaging Same Great Concentrates

Check out our new packaging hitting a store near you! We are continuing to build our brand and produce great packaging that represents our amazing extracts. Try it out and follow us on instagram for more great product drops @hempirecompany

A golden experience

We set out to perfect our extraction processes so we could produce amazing golden goodness for you to smoke. With The Hempire you know what you're going to get, great oils and concentrates. Try our products today at your local dispensary and don't settle for anything...